Our Services at Clarity Medical Aesthetics at the Richard Penna Salon: Injections, Chemical Peels and Spider Vein Removal

Botox/Dysport 150.-160.
Restylane 1.0cc 525.
Belotero 1.0cc 525.
Juvederm Ultra 1.0cc 575.
Radiesse 1.25cc 575.
Sculptra 1 vial/series 750.- 3999
Artefill 1 syringe/kit of 5 825.- 3999.
Perlane 1.0cc 625.
Medical Grade Peels 125. - 250.
Dermaplaning 100. +
Sclerotherapy 350. +
Dermapen 150.

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Description of Products and Services at Clarity Medical Aesthetics

BOTOX® | Dysport®
BOTOX® and Dysport® are all Neurotoxins (BTX-A). BTX-A are the most popular non-surgical procedures in the world. While many practices offer these treatments, CLARITY believes that specialists should do what they do best. Treatments at CLARITY are performed by Kati Midgley, PA-C, national educator and injectables specialist. Trust your injections to the person who has trained over 200 people and counting!

What Is BOTOX®/Dysport® (BTX-A)?
BTX-A is a natural purified protein that is injected into the muscle to temporarily block the conduction between the muscle and the nerve resulting in a softening of your lines and wrinkles.

BTX-A Is An Excellent Treatment Option For :
Forehead lines
Crows feet
"11's" - the lines between your brows
Relaxation of the lines around your nose and mouth
To temporarily stop excessive sweating
BTX-A can also be used to treat a "gummy smile" which is caused by excessive upper lip movement
Exaggerated neck bands
Temporary relief from TMJ pain and spasm
What You Can Expect From Your Treatment:
Natural looking results
This is a quick and simple procedure that is relatively painless
CLARITY uses the smallest needle available.
Results can be seen within days and generally last from three to four months
There may be some bruising around the injection sites, but most people can return to their daily activities immediately.
Kati Midgley, PA-C has a 98% satisfaction rate with BTX-A treatments. She has been recognized as a Platinum Injector nationally.

Artefill® | Bellafill® is the longest lasting FDA approved dermal filler. Artefill® | Bellafill® has undergone some of the most rigorous testing of any dermal filler. This collagen stimulator provides 5-7 years of natural correction. Kati Midgley, PA-C and Injectable Specialist was one of the first people in Connecticut to embrace Artefill® after its reemergence to the dermal filler market in 2013.

Artefill®|Bellafill® Is Right For You If You're Looking For:
Natural, long lasting results for smiles lines and other specific areas of volume loss on the face.
long lasting results up to 5-7 years.
long term correction in one to two treatments.
What You Can Expect From Your Artefill®|Bellafill® Treatment:
Depending on your allergy profile, you may be asked to undergo a skin test one month prior to treatment.
Immediate, noticeable and natural results after your first injection.
Patients may experience minimal swelling, irritation at the injection sites, itching, redness or bruising.
There is little to no downtime.
Follow-up enhancement may be required to achieve optimal results.

BELOTERO BALANCE® is the most pliable, softest Hyalouronice Acid (HA) dermal filler used in the American market today. BELOTERO BALANCE®, from Merz, the makers of Radiesse®, is designed to treat fine lines and creases. It is perfect for the lines above the lip, or to mask under eye dark circles and puffiness.

BELOTERO BALANCE® Is Best For Details Such As:
Fine creases in the skin.
Under eye dark circles.
Alternative to under eye surgery (depending on the severity) to mask puffiness.
Fine upper lip lines.
What You Can Expect From Your Treatment:
Kati will apply a topical anesthetic prior to the injection.
BELOTERO BALANCE® Dermal Filler is injected just under the skin’s surface with a fine needle or cannula to reverse fine lines and creases.
Results are immediate.
BELOTERO BALANCE® results last about 6 months (individual results vary).
You may experience mild irritation, swelling, itching, redness, bruising or tenderness at the injection site.
Patients return to their normal activities directly after treatment.

Juvederm XC® is a reversible dermal filler used to correct areas that have lost volume, treat sagging skin, even out wrinkles, or plump your perfect pucker. It is very effective for the correction of fine lines and minimal folds in the skin.

What You Can Expect From Your Treatment:
Injectable Specialist, Kati Midgley, PA-C completely customizes all dermal fillers. The average person requires one syringe of Juvederm XC® for a lip detail and two syringes to treat laugh lines.
Kati Midgley, PA-C controls discomfort by using ice, a topical solution or injectable anesthetic.
After your treatment you may have bruising, stiffness or redness in the treatment area.
Results are immediate and last 6-10 months depending on medical conditions, medications, metabolism, and area treated.
She will not enhance or reverse Juvederm® for 2 weeks following treatment.
Kati Midgley, PA-C has been recognized as one of the top 6% of customers nationally as a Platinum member of Allergan.

Juvederm VOLUMA™ XC is an FDA Approved long term dermal filler (hyaluronic acid or HA), designed to treat the signs of aging through the cheeks and mid-face. It provides a natural looking lift to correct the signs of aging. Once full correction of the area has been obtained, your results may last up to 2 years. It is a reversible filler which is injected deep (subcutaneous). Kati Midgley, PA-C was one of the first injectors in Connecticut to use this long term filler.

Juvederm VOLUMA™ XC Is Best Used For:
Lifting and contouring the mid-face and cheek area.
What You Can Expect From Your Treatment:
Juvederm VOLUMA™ XC is injected deep into the subcutaneous tissue.
Results immediately follow injection
For optimal results lasting up to 2 years, 2-3 treatments at 4 month intervals may be required.
Kati will apply a topical anesthetic as needed to the area being treated.
Patients may experience mild irritation, swelling, itching, redness, bruising or tenderness at the injection site.
Patients typically resume their normal activities right after treatment.

Restylane® and Perlane® are two of the most recognized names in the worldwide arena of dermal filling products. They are made of hyaluronic acid which is responsible for maintaining the elasticity and fullness of your healthy skin tissue.

These two products are both made by the same company and are considered "sister products." Perlane® is the "big sister" with a larger particle size than Restylane®. It is also injected into a deeper plane of tissue. In other words, Perlane® does the heavy lifting in the family. Kati Midgley, PA-C has been a proud trainer of these products for years, sharing her knowledge and expertise with medical professionals on a national level.

Restylane® And Perlane® Work Towards:
Correcting areas that have lost volume, are asymmetric or have developed folds or creases.
Lip detailing or augmentation.
Correction of atrophic (hollowed out) scars.
What You Can Expect From Your Treatment:
Kati will apply a topical anesthetic.
Restylane® and Perlane® are artfully injected into your skin through a very fine needle or cannula.
Both of these “sisters” contain lidocaine so there is minimal discomfort during the procedure.
Treatments will last between 6-12 months.
Immediate results.

Radiesse® is a calcium based product that adds volume to your face while stimulating your own collagen. Kati Midgley, PA-c is proud to have taught a master class in Radiesse® to Connecticut physicians including Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive, Facial Plastic, and Occuloplastic surgeons. She has been recognized as one of the top users of Radiesse® in Connecticut.

Radiesse® Works Best For:
Treatment of deep wrinkles and folds.
As a global filler (over the entire face) to restore volume and can also be used in prevention to maintain volume.
Restoration of hand volume.
It can also fill in scars and earlobes.
What You Can Expect From Your Treatment:
Results can last 7-12 months.
CLARITY’s medical staff adds lidocaine to the injectable product to minimize the pain.
Results will be immediate with continual improvement over next few days.
Radiesse® is injected into the deeper tissue which may result in bruising, tenderness, lumps or redness at the injection site.
Radiesse® does swell after the injection, so plan your treatment accordingly

Finally, a treatment designed exclusively for lips and lines around the mouth. Kati is one of the FIRST to offer this groundbreaking injectable treatment option for our patients.

What Is SILK By Restylane®?
It's the first and only FDA-approved treatment to improve the appearance of vertical lip lines and enhance the mouth area. RESTYLANE SILK is a smooth injectable gel (with lidocaine) designed to restore natural youthful definition and symmetry to the lip and mouth area.

The lip and mouth area is the second most common area to show signs of aging. It's also one of the most difficult to treat. SILK helps address the signs of aging WITHOUT resulting in an artificial or "overdone" look. SILK provides natural-looking results.

What Is It Best For?
As we age, fat and collagen in the face begin to deteriorate and bone loss may occur, leading to thinner skin and more noticeable lines and wrinkles. In the lower part of the face, this often results in lost lip volume and definition creating an increase in lines around the mouth. SILK by Restylane is the only filler designed to address these concerns without over-plumping, which many patients desire.

How Long Does SILK Last?
In clinical studies treatment results were maintained from 4 to up to 6 months or longer.

Sculptra® is considered an advanced filler that requires specialty training. Kati Midgley, PA-C was trained by three of the International leading authorities on Sculptra®; Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD, Richard W. Swift, MD and Ruth Tidaldi, MD. Ms. Midgley has been injecting Sculptra® since 2008. She is now one of the only Physician Assistants who trains physicians in the art of Sculptra®.

Sculptra® is the closest thing to a face lift in a bottle. It is a global filler that is designed to last about 2.5 years. It restores fullness and stimulates collagen growth gradually over the course of 3 treatments providing long term, natural results. This is a fine art and should only be administered by someone who is specially trained, with years of experience, like Injectable Specialist, Kati Midgley, PA-C.

Sculptra® Is Excellent For:
Replacing areas of volume loss.
Correcting asymmetry.
Building collagen.
Recommended for filling temporal hollowing.
What You Can Expect From Your Treatment:
Your face will be cleaned, prepped and anesthetized.
Artistically placed injections through a cannula or small needle to enhance or correct volume loss and signs of aging.
There may be some discomfort that can be managed with massage or ice.
The area may be tender or bruised for a few days.
We will recommend 3 treatments 6-9 weeks apart to maximize your result.
Results are gradual and natural looking, lasting for 2-3 years.